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By Caroline Patrick

Bagua Gardens

There are many ways to entice energy into your surrounding living and working spaces. Feng Shui, or the ancient art of placement, provides many formulas using the five elements, color, shapes and forms to help you decide how to utilize these systems when designing your gardens.

First, decide what type of garden will assist your life. Are you wanting a new career, college education, family unity, more money coming your way, your boss to notice your productivity, a better love life, time for fun, finding better associates and helpers in your work and play, travel and visit other places or to heal and attract better health?

The five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth have properties which pull different kinds of energy or Chi into your environment. Using these energies in your gardens will bring balance and harmony to that section or area of your life.

Next, color plays a huge part in attracting these necessary elements. Each element is assigned a color. Water is black or blue black, Wood is green, Fire is red, Metal is white and Earth is yellow and other earth colors. Mixing and matching color, size, texture and shape of plants, flowers, trees and objects are yours to design.

Using certain shapes in different sections of your landscaping pulls into each Qua or area your desired element. For example Water is brought into the space with actual water or a design depicting a flowing or wavy feature. Wood is column-shaped, Fire is pointed or cone-shaped, Metal is round or a circle formation, while Earth is square and oblong.

The next decision of the gardener is "what type of garden brings me pleasure and can assist me in my next journey?" The creative process now begins and the choices are yours. Here are some examples I have used over the years.

Meditation or Praying area – any spot you choose is perfect for reflection, add a garden gazing ball for a focal point.

Healing Garden – filled with medicinal herbal plants, choose a Bagua-shaped garden design and fill with healing herbs for your dis-ease.

Children’s area – children’s play area using round shapes and herbs, swing set or tire swing, nooks and crannies for hide and seek.

Medicine Wheel – a great healing wheel of rock placement and stations of totem animals.

Wisdom Gardens – gem stones, water, earth crystals, hanging wind chimes.

Lovers Garden – two objects of equal size, statues, birds, man and woman, a bench or swing for two, a private gazebo for late night romance! A great place to conceive a new little one!

A Power Garden – rocks, gems, crystals hanging, wind chimes, temple and religious statue, design this special setting with an overview, where you can observe it from a higher vantage point.

Fame or Future Garden – outdoor fireplace, tiki torches, candles, red flowers and flags.

Retirement Garden – plants of lavender and other pastel-colored flowers, a peaceful seating bench at the end of a pathway for reflection.

Fill in your special gardens with correct-shaped trees, plants, objects and colors to empower the design even more. Use a variety of colors, aromas, sounds, lights and ground forms. Overgrown and dying foliage pull the Chi down. Discover new plant forms shapes which are up-growing lush vegetation for a healthy environment. Learn the art of placement and use the ancient science to improve your gardening.

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